Is Vixen Kitchen certified organic?

Yes, we are certified organic through CCOF. Click here to learn all about the environmental and health benefits of going organic.

Is VK certified Paleo?

Yes, we are! Our gelato is sweetened exclusively with organic maple syrup.

Is your gelato certified vegan?
Yes! Being certified vegan means we don’t use any dairy, eggs, or honey-and we never will!

Is VK vegan and lactose free?

Yes, we are completely dairy-free and proud. Organic raw cashews are the base for our creamy delicious addictive treat.

Is Vixen Kitchen gluten free?

Yes, VK prides itself on being 100% gluten free.

So how much of this pint is nuts anyways?

There is over a cup of organic raw cashews in every pint of our premium vegan gelato.

Why does VK cost a little more?

We use only the finest organic raw cashews and pure organic maple syrup in all of our products. There are no refined sugars, fillers, or emulsifiers in anything we create.  We are constantly striving to do everything to keep costs down and bring the best possible product to your hands.

Why vegan?

Studies have shown over and over again that a plant based diet has many positive effects on the body and mind. Enjoy this dessert and your inner and outer self will thank you!

Do you have a nut-free option?

Yes, Mango Sunrise Sorbet is comprised only of organic mangos, organic orange juice, and organic maple syrup!

Where can I buy this amazing product?

We are sold in nearly all Northern California Whole Foods stores as well as many independent grocers. The Vixen Kitchen crew loves to get out and sell direct to the public too. We often can be found at festivals as well as various farmers markets. An online shop is also in the works, so you’ll be able to order Vixen Kitchen wherever you are.

Click here to see a map and directions to all our retailers.